Project Description
Image based jquery plugin to add shadows to html elements.
Can display 88 shadows by default. Can re-set the shadow when the elements size or position is changed.

Needs GUID HELPER and doTimeout plugins to work.

Based on James Players, Javascript Drop Shadows.

Plugin url:

Example 1 - All shadows
Example 2 - Applied on different elements

Browser support
Tested in(but will probably work in other versions too):
IE 8.0
Firefox 3.6.6
Opera 10.60
Safari 5.0
Chrome 5.0.375.99

You may use the shadowOn jquery plugin under the terms of the MIT License.
You are free to use the shadowOn jquery plugin in projects(commercial included) as long as
the copyright header in the jquery.shadowon.js/jquery.shadowon.min.js file is left intact.

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